Phenyl is basically used as a disinfectant in many places like homes, schools, hotels, stores, hospitals, offices, etc. It is used to remove odors and kill microbes. This too is used as an antioxidant, analgesic, choleretic, etc. Even Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (PEA) can also be used in perfume companies. In terms of housekeeping services, if we talk about the best floor cleaner liquid with fragrance in the market, our Floor Cleaning Phenyl will definitely be on the list.

Doctor Plus CITRO Floor & Bathroom Cleaner

  • Brand – DOCTOR PLUS
  • Item Form – Liquid
  • Scent – Citro
  • Specific Uses For Product – Floor
  • Eco-Friendly Herbal Solution
  • Anti-Bacterial Formula
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance
  • Doctor Plus CITRO Floor & Bathroom Cleaner with a fresh, naturally induced citro fragrance. Its unique formulation makes it an ideal product for household Anti-Bacterial use while providing a clean and hygienic environment.
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